What Is ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential

This content is a little technical and involves chemistry, please read at your own choosing ūüôā

From chemistry:

  • ORP¬†Oxidation Reduction Potential is defined as the¬†measure of a chemical’s ability to become reduced in electrical charge by the acquisition of electrons from other chemical’s or substrates

ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential is measured in volts V or millivolts mV.

If you want to learn more technical information and history about ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential, please visit Wikipedia page on Reduction Potential.

For our purposes in understanding alkaline water in terms of ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential, ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential is simply the negative charge of acidic or alkaline water at different pH levels as per the Table below.

What is ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential Typical Values For Water at Different pH Levels

ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential values differ depending on the chemical composition of the water source in terms of the dissolved solids which are made up of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, or potassium, and other elements.

As measured in Oakville, Ontario in January 2018, using my Chanson VS70 7 Plate Under Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizer, the following table shows the ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential Values at different pH values:

pH Value ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential Value (millivolts mV)
10.8 -570
9.5 -350
9.0 -260
8.5 -190
7.0 0
5.5 +570
2.9 +650

Note: ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential values above were for Oakville, Ontario, Lake Ontario city provided and treated water.  These values can be made to be lower (more negative) or higher (more positive) by the introduction of calcium crystals or himalayan pink salt to specific Chanson alkaline water ionizers.  Contact us if you have further questions about ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential values and your needs.

In your local area, your water source most likely will have different dissolved solids in it and as such, the ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential values will more than likely differ a little bit from the above example.  Water chemistry is very difficult to control as water is a dynamic (always changing) substance at the molecular level which is where the ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential voltage is measured from.

The Importance of Negative ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential On Your Body

We are constantly bombarded by free radicals present in our environment and consumed in the air we breathe and from the breakdown of foods we consume.

Free radicals are positively charged molecules that cause oxidation, or deterioration of, living organisms.

How do we know this?  Aging.

What causes aging?  You guessed it, free radical damage!

How do we stop or limit free radical damage?  Antioxidants.

Antioxidants are substances that simply inhibit, or slow down, the negative effects of damaging molecules known as free radicals.

How do antioxidants work?

Free radicals have positive charges, and antioxidants have negative charges.  When they come together, antioxidants neutralize free radicals, thereby preventing the free radicals from causing damage to any living thing in their environment.

Consider if you will, the example of cutting an apple and leaving it on your countertop.

What happens to it?¬† You are correct if you said it ‘browns’.

Why does it brown?  It browns due to free radical damage present in the air surrounding the apple oxidizing the exposed surface.

However, if you apply a thin layer of lemon juice on the cut apple, the apple stays fresher longer, meaning it takes longer to brown, or in other words, the lemon juice acts as an antioxidant to the surface of the apple.

Just like lemon juice protects the apple from oxidizing, or aging, or ‚Äėbrowning‚Äô, we believe consuming freshly produced ionized alkaline water¬†with negative ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential helps our bodies neutralize free radical damage.

What Are Alkaline Water Benefits

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Learn about what are alkaline water benefits here.

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