Alkaline Water

What Is Alkaline Water

  • Alkaline Water is simply water that has a pH > greater than 7.0

What is pH?  Click here to learn What is pH.

How Is Alkaline Water Produced

Alkaline water is produced by one of the following two procedures:

  1. By the addition or absorption of alkali minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium to water, thereby changing the composition of the water to alkaline water in the process; or
  2. By electrolysis of water through an ionization appliance like the Chanson Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizers or Chanson Under Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizers which produce fresh ionized alkaline water on demand at the touch of a button in your home.

In the second procedure above, electrolysis is a process by which a direct electrical current is applied to water passing through an electrode chamber that has both a positive cathode and a negative anode.

When water is passed through an electrode chamber and exposed to a certain amount of direct electrical current, the incoming water stream is split in to two different water streams, one stream that is rich in Hydrogen Ions, denoted by [H+], and one that is rich in Hydroxide Ions, denoted by [OH-].

The stream with greater Hydrogen Ions [H+] is acidic water, and the stream with greater Hydroxide Ions [OH-] is alkaline water. 

What is the Difference In How Alkaline Water is Produced

The main difference between the alkaline water produced from the above two procedures is that alkaline water made through a Chanson Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizers or Chanson Under Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizers immediately acquires a negative electrical charge, known as ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential, where alkaline water made with the addition of minerals does not acquire a negative electrical charge and is alkaline due to a different composition.

We believe alkaline water produced through an alkaline water ionizer is beneficial for consumption since it has a negative electrical charge that acts as an antioxidant in your body when consumed.

Ionized Alkaline Water, Defined

With the above information, we now define Ionized Alkaline Water as follows:

  • Ionized Alkaline Water is water that has a pH > greater than 7.0 AND has a negative electrical charge, known as ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential

The negative electrical charge, ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential of ionized alkaline water is measured in volts V or millivolts mV.

What Are The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

If you are visiting this page or this website, it is because you have heard about, and/or are interested in, consuming alkaline water made with Chanson Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizers or Chanson Under Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizers.

Learn about what are alkaline water benefits here.

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