Chanson Shower Spa Filter Replacement Media

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $47.00.

The Chanson Shower Spa Filter Replacement Media is for use in the Chanson Shower Spa Filter.

This media is designed to go on a standard shower fixture between the wall and your shower head and to remove up to 95% of chlorine and chloramine chemicals from your city water supply.

It uses a unique calcium sulfite media that works well even with hot water above 40C.



  • Calcium Sulfite Media – for removing up to 95% of total chlorine and chloramines from your shower water supply
  • Ceramic FIR Ball Filtration Technology – highly engineered ceramic FIR balls mixed in with media reduces water surface tension and consequently increases the ability of your soaps and shampoos to lather, thereby giving you deeper cleaning and softer skin and hair

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